Last week the Aldi team were excited to announce the return of the UK’s most infamous cake, Cuthbert.

To mark his return, ad vans were placed outside various M&S locations across the country, grabbing shopper and media attention. The messages included some fabulous puns and cheeky lines, including ‘Aisle be back’, ‘Made by bakers. Approved by lawyers’, and ‘Colin all cake fans’.

Cuthbert also made front page (and an inside double page spread) of the Daily Star as he spoke exclusively to the paper. We hear it’s the first time the journalist has eaten an interviewee afterwards!

According to Stephan Shakespeare from YouGov (as reported in CityAM) Aldi’s impression scores – a measure of overall positive and negative sentiment towards a brand – jumped from 38.1 to 58.6 (+10.5) as a result.