Clarion Mindfulness Month

If there was ever any doubt that mindfulness was important, the past two years have put paid to that. Everywhere around the globe, the pandemic has had and is continuing to have a major impact on people’s mental health.

Let’s face it, agency life isn’t getting any less busy – as deadlines get shorter, and client and journalist demands get higher, at Clarion we’re making sure mental wellbeing is high on our agenda.

It’s why we have flexible start and finish times on ‘Choose-days’ and Thursdays and it’s why we finish at 4pm on a Friday. It’s why we have Mental Health Allies trained in our team. And it’s why we have Lifeworks Employee Assistance Programme, regular Tea & Talk sessions and monthly massages.

Now as we transition to a hybrid way of working – the team can choose whether to be in our brand-new offices anywhere between two and five days a week, so they can fit seeing the team and creative face-to-face sessions within their busy lifestyles – we’re creating Clarion Mindfulness Month.

We’re giving back an hour a week throughout February to each and every member of our staff to use for the things that help to get them in the right mindset. It could be a gym class, a morning walk, a trip to the museum, or simply more time with their family.

As some normality resumes (we hope!) Clarion Mindfulness Month is designed to help keep mental wellness top of our agenda and get the team into good habits not just now, but set us up for the whole year – and beyond.